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2025 season, deadline is the 31st of March 2024

Image by Paul Green

Directors Guide
Geelong Repertory Theatre Company

Geelong Repertory Theatre Society, established in 1932, is proud to be Victoria’s longest running
amateur theatre identity, now called the Geelong Repertory Theatre Company (GRTC). The
Company is overseen by a Committee of Management and solely run by volunteers. Throughout our
impressive history we have consistently been bringing the best of amateur theatre experiences to
the people of Geelong and our visitors.

The Company presents five productions each year at The Woodbin Theatre and is committed to
providing opportunities for interested individuals to participate in amateur theatre productions in a
wide variety of genres at the highest possible standard.

The Woodbin Theatre is a compact, intimate venue located in Coronation Street, West Geelong has
77 seats and is the home of GRTC. Every year we present 5 productions in seasons of usually 3
weeks, in the months of February, April/May, June/July, September and November/December.


Program Development Program
The annual season is constructed by a Play Selection Committee who is responsible for reading the
plays put forward, analysing the quality and intention of the works, reviewing the vision and
experience of the directors, and considering the balance and diversity of the overall program. After
these considerations have taken place, the Committee appoints the directors and their submissions
to formulate the annual season.
The timeline for this process is as follows:

  • Early January – Call out for directors to put forward submissions.

  • End March – Cut off for submissions.

  • March to July – Committee meets and considers the submissions.

  • July to Aug – Directors are confirmed, performing rights are confirmed and season dates locked in.

  • September – Brochure copy and images sourced.

  • October – Brochure copy prepared, proofed and printed

  • November – Season launched for following year.


The anomaly of this system is that the first play for each year is selected two years prior so the
preparation and rehearsals can be well underway before the season is announced.


Play Selection Committee Aims:
The Play Selection Committee undertakes to build a season of excellence that offers a variety in the
balance of writing style, production presentation, eras and play type with a diverse range of genres,
ages, genders, and universality within the cast characters. The aim is to allow as many different
people to participate as possible within the capabilities and capacity of the Company and venue.


Responsibilities of Directors
Directors are ultimately responsible for the quality and delivery of their production season. They will
have support from the GRTC Committee but have independence in the artistic decision making. The
assumption here is of course that the proposal as put forward in the submission is followed and the
artistic vision is achievable in the venue. The Director will be given appropriate safety training for
the venue and is expected to work within these guidelines and behave in a respectful and supportive

way to the cast and production crew. Similar behaviour is expected of the entire production
company and a culture of respect and patience is encouraged across the GRTC family.


Venue Technical Specifications
Before submitting a play, all potential directors are encouraged to attend one or more productions
at the Woodbin theatre to get an understanding of the limitations and possibilities of the space.
Further information and a tour of the venue can be provided by the GRTC productions team if


Directorial Process and Timelines
Each director is invited to put together their own production team if they have experienced
colleagues in the fields of Production Coordination, Stage Management, Set Building, Set Design,
Lighting Design, Sound Design, Technical Operation, Wardrobe, Props, Prompt, but GRTC can also fill
those roles with company members if required.


Rehearsal Timeline
Access to the Woodbin Theatre is limited while the previous season is underway so the usual process for the production schedule is as follows:

  • 12 weeks prior to season opening - Information Night and Auditions

  • 10 weeks prior to opening - Cast confirmed, read through play and rehearsal schedule emailed to GRTC.

  • 8 weeks prior to opening – Access to Theatre.

  • 6 weeks prior to opening - begin promotional material.

  • 2 weeks prior to opening – Set built and installed.

  • 1 week prior to opening – Production week.

This of course has some flexibility in it but is a general guide.

Victorian Drama League 
Concord Theatricals 
Dramatists Play Service 

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak
Directing at Geelong Repertory Theatre Company

Play Selection Submission Form for Season 2025

A copy of the play will be:

The play selection committee’s role is to create a balanced season of plays from for the 2025 Geelong Repertory Theatre Season. Once the season is finalised you will be contacted. If your submission is successful you will be invited to meet with the Play Selection Committee Member/s for further discussions.

If you have any question regarding your application, the requirements or wish to request any special considerations  and/or your availability to direct in 2025.

Please contact Robyn Birrell at

Thank you for your submission!!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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