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Geelong Repertory Theatre Company

Established in 1932 as Geelong Repertory Society, the company is proud of being Victoria’s longest running amateur theatre identity, now named Geelong Repertory Theatre Company Inc. which is managed by a Committee of Management and solely run by volunteers. The company presents five productions each year at the Woodbin Theatre and is committed to providing opportunities for interested individuals to participate in amateur theatre productions, in a wide variety of genres, at the highest possible standard.

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Geelong Rep will produce quality

theatrical performances that:

entertain and challenge our audiences,

enhance our growing subscriber base,

maintain the profile of the Geelong Association of Music and Art and attract new members interested in

all aspects of theatre.


Formed in 1932 as Geelong Repertory Society and led for many years by Dulcie Meakin, the company performed an average of seven plays a year in the old GAMA (Geelong Association of Music and Art) Theatre. 


Rep became a member of GAMA in 1946. With annexation in 1978 of the GAMA Theatre by the Geelong Performing Arts Centre (GPAC), Rep performed in various venues, prior to completion of GPAC in 1981. In the same year GAMA purchased "Henry's", a wood and timber store in Geelong West, to be used as office space, wardrobe, rehearsal space, workshop area and meeting place for the three GAMA sections (Rep, The Geelong Chorale and the Music Society) and is known as the Lilian Stott Centre.


Using GPAC initially proved successful, but rising costs and falling audience numbers made it necessary for Rep to change direction. The Woodbin rehearsal space was converted into a small, intimate and versatile theatre. The inaugural production was in October 1989 and we have been here ever since. 



by Richard Critchlow

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