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Silent Sky

Performance Dates: 6th September – 21st September


Information Night:
Date: Wed 12th June.
Time: 7PM

Location: Woodbin Theatre Foyer
Audition times will be available for booking at the Information Night. Or please submit form below and leave a comment for the director to contact you about auditions. 

Synopsis: Ever wondered who mapped and measured the stars we see at night? Silent Sky tells the true story of Henrietta Leavitt, nominated but ineligible for the 1925 Nobel Prize. She worked for decades at Harvard University alongside Williamina Fleming and Annie Jump Canon, in Dr. Edward Pickering’s “harem of human computers”. Their work involved mapping the stars WITHOUT Harvard’s telescope, and Leavitt’s focus on Cepheid stars would have a profound impact on the field of astronomy forevermore.  Intertwining religion and science, love and ambition, and women’s limited workplace options inspiring their fight for suffrage, this powerful and wondrous tale is sure to entertain and move you.

Audition Dates:

Mon 17th June 7pm or 8pm OR Wed 19th June 7pm or 8pm * allow 45 minutes 

Auditionees will need to submit an Arts resume and prepare a 1 minute monologue (from the play or outside is fine)


Character List:

Characters Summary: 4F (30's, 40's, 50's) 1 M (30s-40s): team fit more important than exact ages. American accents required for all roles except Williamina who has a Scottish accent.


  1. HENRIETTA LEAVITT 30s (Actual historical figure) – brilliant, meticulous, passionate about the stars and universe; Astronomer who changed how we look at and measure the stars; often uses a period hearing-aid *requires onstage intimacy/kiss.

  2. MARGARET LEAVITT 30s– Henrietta’s sister, homebody, musical, rule follower, sweet who sings and plays piano- ideally  but not essential. * requires singing “For the Beauty of the Earth.”

  3. ANNIE CANNON 40s (Actual historical figure) – the leader, terse confident, funny and sharp-witted; the first to catalog stars by letter; joins the suffrage movement.

  4. WILLIAMINA FLEMING 50s (Actual historical figure) – smart, gutsy, fierce, fun;  first to hold the title of “curator” in astronomy; Scottish

  5. PETER SHAW 30s/40s– smart, sweet, awkward; the head astronomer’s apprentice and supervisor of the women at the observatory * requires onstage intimacy/kiss.

PETER SHAW 30s/40s–


Rehearsals will be 7pm-9.45pm on two weeknights and Sundays for 4 hours either mid morning or afternoon. Full commitment to schedule is required. Any unavailability must be noted at time of audition.


A Midsummer Night's Dream

Performance Dates: 15th November - 30th November


Information Night
Date: TBC
Time: TBC

Location: Woodbin Theatre Foyer
Audition times will be available for booking at the Information Night


Audition Dates:


Character List

  1. Puck

  2. Oberon

  3. Titania

  4. Lysander

  5. Demetrius

  6. Hermia

  7. Helena

  8. Theseus

  9. Nick Bottom

  10. Egeus

  11. Hippoyta

  12. Peter Quince

  13. Francis Flute

  14. Robin Starveling

  15. Tom Snout

  16. Snug

  17. Philostrate

  18. Peaseblossom

  19. Cobweb

  20. Mote

  21. Mustardseed

Interested in auditioning?

We will pass this form onto the director and production coordinator.

What production are you interested in?
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Thanks for submitting!

Farragut North

Farragut North

This production has been Cast. 

Home, I'm Darling

Home, I'm Darling

This production has been Cast. 



This production has been Cast. 


If you are interested in learning more about the play and the characters, you can attend the Information Night to hear the Director describe their vision for the play, roles to be filled, expectations of the cast, season dates and the rehearsal schedule.

At this time you can book an audition.

If you are unable to attend the Information Night and wish to book an audition, please contact the Director or Production Coordinator for information on how to proceed.


Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays,

7.00-9.30pm, and Sunday afternoons, 1.30-4pm or Sunday evenings,




This is the week before Opening Night, and performers and crew are expected to be available every night.



This is typically the night before Opening Night and allows the cast and crew to experience the play with a live audience of volunteers and committee members. Cast and crew must be available for this.


At Geelong Rep we hold open auditions where everyone is welcome to audition, not just Geelong Rep members.

For the audition, you may be asked to:

• perform part of the play

• do a cold read

• perform a monologue from any script you like.

You are not expected to memorise the monologues, but it is helpful if you can!


Auditions are at The Woodbin Theatre.

When you arrive wait in the foyer unless instructed otherwise. 


Actors are notified 1- 2 weeks after auditioning if they have been offered a part.

If you accept the role, you will be require to write a bio and email it to the production coordinator. Headshots will be scheduled during a rehearsal. 

For help with bio please refer to past programs or ask the production coordinator.

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