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Monday 8th of May.

7:30pm at the Woodbin.


Monday 15th of May.

7:30pm at the Woodbin.


The Drawer Boy
8th - 24th SEPT

Director: John Bishop


Production Coordinator: 


The play is set in the 1970’s

American/Canadian accents required.



Males: 3


MILES: 20’s – 30’s. Intelligent, idealistic, also very naive, and being a ‘city slicker’,
believes anything and everything relayed to him about farm life.


MORGAN: 50’s. Gruff and laconic. Equipped with a very dry sense of humour.


ANGUS: 50’s – Suffering from memory loss and brain damage, resulting from the
bombing of London where he was stationed with Morgan during World War 2

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Wednesday the 2nd of August. 7pm at the Woodbin Theatre.



Monday the 7th &

Wednesday the 9th of August.

6.30pm- 9.00pm

The Messiah
17th NOV - 2nd DEC

Director: Scott Beaton

Production Coordinator: Ben Crowley

Music Coordinator: Kath O'Neil

A travelling troupe of two actors and an opera singer arrive by donkey to masterfully, movingly and miraculously enact the greatest story ever told.




Maurice Rose, male 30s - 40s.

Leader of the two-man acting troupe who considers himself as the best actor in the world!  Very physical, pacy comedic role. 

Ronald Bream, male 20s - 30s.

The '2IC' to the Maurice Rose players acting troupe who has an equally physically demanding, comedic role. 

Both male actors play multiple characters in a fast-paced, comedic manner. They will need physical stamina and ability to interact with audience members and learn a large number of lines as they are on stage the whole time. 

Ms Leonora Fflyte - female, operatic "diva", any age. Singing experience is essential for this great scene-stealing role!


If you are interested in learning more about the play and the characters, you can attend the Information Night to hear the Director describe their vision for the play, roles to be filled, expectations of the cast, season dates and the rehearsal schedule.

At this time you can book an audition.

If you are unable to attend the Information Night and wish to book an audition, please contact the Director or Production Coordinator for information on how to proceed.


Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays,

7.00-9.30pm, and Sunday afternoons, 1.30-4pm or Sunday evenings,




This is the week before Opening Night, and performers and crew are expected to be available every night.



This is typically the night before Opening Night and allows the cast and crew to experience the play with a live audience of volunteers and committee members. Cast and crew must be available for this.


At Geelong Rep we hold open auditions where everyone is welcome to audition, not just Geelong Rep members.

For the audition, you may be asked to:

• perform part of the play

• do a cold read

• perform a monologue from any script you like.

You are not expected to memorise the monologues, but it is helpful if you can!


Auditions are at The Woodbin Theatre or online, due to Covid.

When you arrive wait in the foyer unless instructed otherwise. 


Actors are notified 1- 2 weeks after auditioning if they have been offered a part.

If you accept the role, you will be require to write a bio and email it to the production coordinator. Headshots will be scheduled during a rehearsal. 

For help with bio please refer to past programs or ask the production coordinator.

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