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We value your comments, questions and suggestions. 

Please contact us here if you liked or didn't like a particular show, have suggestions for future plays or how we might make your visit to the Woodbin theatre more enjoyable. 


Geelong Repertory Theatre Company

Thanks for submitting!

Committee Members

President:                Tina Rettke

Vice-president:        Patrick Conway

Treasurer:                 Norm Lowe

Secretary:                 Pep Upton

Members:                 Claudia Clark

                                  Derek Ingles

                                  Greg Shawcross

                                  Georgia Chara

Play Selection Committee

Coordinator:            Norm Lowe

Members:                 Peter Jukes

                                  Robyn Birrell

                                  Majella O'Connor

                                  Mandy Calderwood

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