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Season 2024


Adult - $32

Concession - $30

Student - $26

3 Plays: Adult $84. Conc $78 - save $12

4 Plays: Adult $108. Conc $100 - save $20

5 Plays: Adult $130. Conc $120 - save $30


51 Lt Malop Street Geelong VIC 3220

1300 251 200

Farrugut North

Farrugut North

Written by Beau Willimon

Directed by Jules Hart

3rd February - 17th February

Stephen Bellamy is a wunderkind press secretary who has built a career that men twice his age would envy. During a tight presidential primary race, Stephen's meteoric rise falls prey to the backroom politics of more seasoned operatives. A story about the lust for power and the costs one will endure to achieve it, FARRAGUT NORTH is a whip-smart insider look at the soul-sucking world of political campaigns.

As the next US Presidential election draws near, it is a potent reminder that politics is a high-stakes game where one wrong liason can finish you off.

Written by the creator of House of Cards and adapted into the Oscar-nominated screenplay 

The Ides Of March, FARRAGUT NORTH is not to be missed.

By arrangement with Music Theatre International Australasia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Home, I'm Darling

Home, I'm Darling

Written by Laura Wade

Directed by Robyn Birrell

19th April - 4th May

Home, I'm Darling is an inciteful comedy about love, cake and the quest to be the perfect 1950s couple.

Judy has Johnny's slippers waiting for him when he arrives home from work, the kitchen's clean, the rooms are aired...yet this is not the 1950’s, but a 21st-century 'arrangement' agreed between the two of them. With clothes, furniture and a (faulty) fridge from the ‘50s, Judy and Johnny try to 'live the dream' but the real world pierces their bubble and the cracks begin to appear.


Home, I’m Darling won the 2019 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy and is full of big skirts and even bigger questions. How can we cope with the pressures of modern life? What do we lose in the present when we pine for the past? And can you get stains out of a shirt with just lemon juice and baking soda?

An Amateur Production By Arrangement with ORiGiN™ Theatrical. On Behalf of RIGHTS HOLDER.



Written by William Goldman

Directed by Greg Shawcross

28th June - 13th July

Famed writer Paul Sheldon is ready to leave his popular series of romance novels featuring Misery Chastain behind in pursuit of work that offers more critical recognition. That is until he is involved in a horrific car accident during a snowstorm in Colorado. Upon regaining consciousness he finds himself in a remote cabin being nursed back to health by his self-proclaimed number one fan, Annie Wilkes.


Based on the bestseller by Stephen King (The Stand, Rita Hayworth And Shawshank Redemption) and adapted for the stage by Academy Award winner William Goldman (All The President’s Men, The Princess Bride), ‘Misery’ takes its audience on a harrowing journey through the depths of a writer’s worst nightmare.

By arrangement with Music Theatre International Australasia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Silent Sky

Silent Sky

Written by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Natasha Boyd

6th September - 21st September

Ever wondered who mapped and measured the stars we see at night? Silent Sky tells the true story of Henrietta Leavitt, nominated but ineligible for the 1925 Nobel Prize. She worked for decades at Harvard University alongside Williamina Fleming and Annie Jump Canon,

in Dr. Edward Pickering’s “harem of human computers”. Their work involved mapping the stars WITHOUT Harvard’s telescope, and Leavitt’s focus on Cepheid stars would have a profound impact on the field of astronomy forevermore. Intertwining religion and science, love and ambition, and women’s limited workplace options inspiring their fight for suffrage, this powerful and wondrous tale is sure to entertain and move you.

By arrangement with Music Theatre International Australasia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

A Midsummer Nights Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Stacey Carmichael & David Mackay

15th November - 30th November

On the illustrious Woodbin stage, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" emerges as a dazzling spectacle as we transport you to 'The Globe', an underworld jazz club in the 1970's. 

This adaptation transports Shakespeare's classic comedy into the world of glitz, glamour, danger and whimsy. Amidst opulent sets and dazzling costumes, four young lovers find themselves entangled in a whirlwind of passion and confusion. Oberon, the enigmatic club owner, Puck, his mischievous bar man, and Titania, star of song and stage, create mischief as they weave their spells. As the story unfolds under the spotlight, a troupe of eccentric vaudevillian performers, led by the unforgettable Bottom, stumbles upon the enchanted stage, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy in the most theatrical of ways. This adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" on the Woodbin stage brings Shakespearean comedy to life in a world of jazz and theatrical extravagance.


Ticket Information

Tickets can be purchased at the Woodbin 45min before show start time. 


All other purchases through the Geelong Arts Centre.

  • Phone: 1300 251 200

  • Online:

  • In Person: 81 Ryrie St, Geelong

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      Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm

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To make a booking over the phone, please have your credit card ready (charges apply).


Concession prices are available on most of our shows. If you are a senior, pensioner, full-time student or unemployed, please ask the Box Office about a concession price when booking your tickets.

Please note that all prices are inclusive of GST where applicable.
Ticket Exchanges

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