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Home, I'm Darling

Written by Laura Wade

Directed by Robyn Birrell

19th April - 4th May

Home, I'm Darling is an inciteful comedy about love, cake and the quest to be the perfect 1950s couple.

Judy has Johnny's slippers waiting for him when he arrives home from work, the kitchen's clean, the rooms are aired...yet this is not the 1950’s, but a 21st-century 'arrangement' agreed between the two of them. With clothes, furniture and a (faulty) fridge from the ‘50s, Judy and Johnny try to 'live the dream' but the real world pierces their bubble and the cracks begin to appear.


Home, I’m Darling won the 2019 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy and is full of big skirts and even bigger questions. How can we cope with the pressures of modern life? What do we lose in the present when we pine for the past? And can you get stains out of a shirt with just lemon juice and baking soda?

An Amateur Production By Arrangement with ORiGiN™ Theatrical. On Behalf of RIGHTS HOLDER.


Established in 1932 as Geelong Repertory Society, the company is proud of being Victoria’s longest running amateur theatre identity, now named Geelong Repertory Theatre Company Inc. which is managed by a Committee of Management and solely run by volunteers.


The company presents five productions each year at the Woodbin Theatre and is committed to providing opportunities for interested individuals to participate in amateur theatre productions, in a wide variety of genres, at the highest possible standard.


Geelong Repertory Theatre Company is run entirely by volunteers. 

From Actors to Directors to Stage Manages and set builders, everyone is donating their time with no financial reward. All money earned goes straight back into the bank to fund future plays and artistic initiatives so that we may continue to present great theatrical experiences for you. 

If you would like to make a donation you can do so using these methods:

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