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Photograph in the Geelong Independent 20 July 2001

Vale John Hood

John directed Jayne Lindill, Ian Rooney and me in Death and the Maiden at the Woodbin in 2001. He was a very warm, supportive and insightful director with an eye for every visible detail, an ear for the waves breaking on the beach below the Escobar home on the cliff and a joy to work with. He was not averse to shedding a tear in response to action on stage. I know that Death and the Maiden remains one of the most intense theatrical journeys his cast and crew have experienced. John was the victim of Covid-19 in England.       

Bryan Eaton

The third and fourth plays of Rep's 2020 Season ('Tuesdays with Morrie' and Metamorphosis') have been rescheduled to 2021. The dates will be advertised shortly.

We'll keep you posted on whether 'Summer of the Aliens' will proceed as scheduled this year or be postponed until 2021.