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The Drawer Boy

Written by: Michael Healey


performance dates

8th Sep - 7.30pm

9th Sep - 7.30pm

10th Sep - 2.00pm

14th Sep - 7.30pm

15th Sep - 7.30pm

16th Sep - 7.30pm

17th Sep - 2.00pm

21st Sep - 7.30pm

22nd Sep - 7.30pm

23rd Sep - 7.30pm


Miles, an energetic and idealistic young actor, knocks on the door of an isolated farmhouse in rural Canada, seeking material for a new play he's working on. Being from the city, he decides to embark upon work experience to gain greater insight into the subject of farm life. He discovers Morgan, a gruff farmer working tooth and nail to survive, and Angus, his lifelong friend, who has long since lost track of the world.

A funny and moving tale of the power of storytelling, friendship, and the very thin line between truth and fiction.

Meet The Team


John Bishop


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“The Drawer Boy was originally produced at Theatre Passe Muraille

in Toronto in February 1999.

The Drawer Boy is staged by arrangement with Marquis Literary (Colin Rivers) and Gary Goddard Agency (Pam Winter)

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