The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui


Written by
Directed by Greg Shawcross

Cameron Allen - Arturo Ui
Joshua McGuane - Roma
Geoff Gaskill - Dogsborough, The Actor, First Chicago Grocer
Tom Bartle - Givola, Gaffles
Stacey Carmichael - Sheet, Dockdaisy, Reporter, Betty Dullfeet
Zach Eastwood - Giri
Sam Lawrence - The Barker, Young Dogsborough, O'Casey, Third Grocer, Fish, Inna, Third Cicero Grocer
Amber Connor - Flake, The Woman, Press, A Gunman, Third Chicago Grocer
Callum Padgett - Mulberry, Goodwill, Greenwool, Defense Counsel, Dullfeet, Fourth Chicago Grocer
Barry Eeles - Clark, Judge
Russell Perry- Butcher, Ragg, First Grocer, Prosecutor, Bodyguard, Second Chicago Grocer
Zoe Prem - Bowl, Bodyguard, Crocket, Roma's Bodyguard, A Woman, Second Cicero Grocer
Norm Lowe - Caruther, Manservant, Grocer, Press, Bodyguard, Pastor, First Cicero Grocer

Photos by Sandy Gray