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Director: Mike Ellis

Scott Beaton - Sam Pickles
Rebecca Bennett - Hattie Lamb, Ted's Girl, Lucy, Pansy
Travis Eccles - Chub Pickles, Doctor, Angry Father, Mr. Wentworth, Sarge
Barry Eeles - Black Man, American Pilot
Nick Frcek - Ted Pickles, Gerry Clay, Fred Blunt, Headley
Charlotte Hukvari - Red Lamb, Barmaid, Darleen, Anthea
Glenda Maddison - Dolly Pickles, Alma
Lachlan Murphy - Lon Lambs, Toby Raven
Lauren O'Callaghan (Crute) - Rose Pickles
Stephen Simpson - Quick Lamb
Mary Steuten - Oriel Lamb, Mrs. Tisborne
Colin Urquhart - Lester Lamb
Deb Welch - Elaine Lamb, Mrs. Clay, Merle, Meredith
Chris Young - Fish Lamb

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