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The Crucible


Director: Fred Haste

Louise Challis - Betty Parris
Joseph Evans - Rev. Samuel Parris
Rita Vergona - Tituba
Penny Eckhardt - Abigail Williams
Lesley Jackson - Susanna Walcott
Isabel Haigh - Ann Putnam
Trevor Porter - Thomas Putnam
Lynn Brown - Mercy Lewis
Cheryl Goding - Mary Warren
Frank Loxley - John Proctor
Helen Porter - Rebecca Nurse
John France - Giles Corey
Russell Trim - Rev. John Hale
Elaine Hands - Elizabeth Proctor
Clive Bonney - Francis Nurse
Russell Cockerill - Ezekiel Cheever
Peter Bartlett - Marshal Herrick
Murray Calder - Guard
Ernest Opie - Guard
David Whitcroft - Judge Hathorne
John Craig - Deputy-Governor Danforth
Elayne Burley - Sarah Good

As Geelong Rep approaches its 90th year, over 450 plays have been staged. We acknowledge that in our history some of these plays have contained content that was culturally offensive and not inclusive. We also acknowledge that as our societal values have evolved, lessons have been learnt to prevent such mistakes from occurring in modern times. Rather than remove these plays from our history, we acknowledge our past so that we can continue to aspire to be a theatre company which promotes an inclusive and safe environment for all our casts, production teams and audience members now and into the future.

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