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Move Over Mrs Markham


Director: Ian O’Neil

Catherine Johnson - Joanna Markham
Geoffrey Royal - Alistair Spenlow
Katie Morgan - Sylvie -
Helen Hunt - Linda Lodge
Robert Davies - Philip Markham
Eric Bishop - Henry Lodge
Dennis Mitchell - Walter Pangbourne
Margaret Ricketts - Olive Harriet Smythe
Jennie Patten - Miss Wilkinson

As Geelong Rep approaches its 90th year, over 450 plays have been staged. We acknowledge that in our history some of these plays have contained content that was culturally offensive and not inclusive. We also acknowledge that as our societal values have evolved, lessons have been learnt to prevent such mistakes from occurring in modern times. Rather than remove these plays from our history, we acknowledge our past so that we can continue to aspire to be a theatre company which promotes an inclusive and safe environment for all our casts, production teams and audience members now and into the future.

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