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Julius Caesar


Director: Frederick Ludowick

David Crowe - Flavius, Soldier
David Calder - Marullus, Caius Ligarius
Ronald Scharf - Carpenter, Varro, Other Plebian
John France - Cobbler, Leading Plebian
John Craig - Julius Caesar
Harry Fallaw - Casca
Marilyn Marriott - Calpurnia, Other Plebian
John McGrath - Mark Anthony
Bram Schrever - Soothsayer
Keith Smith - Cassius
Robert Davies - Brutus
Geoff Heriot - Cicero, Soldier
Gordon Pearce - Cinna
Mark Edmonds - Lucius
Grant Gaskin - Lucius
Eric Bishop - Decius Brutus
Trevor Pascoe - Metellus Cimber
Trevor Bartlett - Trebonius
Margaret Ricketts - Portia, Other Plebian
Duncan Fairweather - Servant, Other Plebian
Michael McCoy - Artemidorus
Adrian Van Dijk - Popilius Lena, Senator
Graeme Tonzing - Servant, Messenger To Antony
Leonard Harty - Servant, Lucilius
Christopher Nuzum - Cinna, Lepidus
David Heffer - Octavious Caesar
James Wakelam - Pindarus, Other Plebian
Ray Smith - An Eccentric Poet, Senator
William McGlone - Messala, Leading Plebian
Fred Haste - Titinius, Leading Plebian
Russell Cockerill - Claudius, Clitus, Other Plebian
Richard Goodwin - Young Cato, Other Plebian, Senator
Ernest Opie - Soldier, Other Plebian
Brian Lattermore - Another Soldier, Other Plebian
Peter Bartlett - Dardanius
Chris McRae - Volumnius, Other Plebian
Kieran Hitchin - Strato, Other Plebian
Elaine Hands - Other Plebian
Alison LeHunt - Other Plebian
Paul List - Other Plebian, Soldier
Marion Van Dijk - Other Plebian
Clive Bonney - Other Plebian
Roman Blumhoff - Senator

As Geelong Rep approaches its 90th year, over 450 plays have been staged. We acknowledge that in our history some of these plays have contained content that was culturally offensive and not inclusive. We also acknowledge that as our societal values have evolved, lessons have been learnt to prevent such mistakes from occurring in modern times. Rather than remove these plays from our history, we acknowledge our past so that we can continue to aspire to be a theatre company which promotes an inclusive and safe environment for all our casts, production teams and audience members now and into the future.

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