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Director: Ken Hemmens

Simon Gardiner - Henry II
William Mithen - Becket
Trevor Pascoe - Henry’s Servant
John Stewart - Henry’s Soldier
Joseph Evans - Archbishop Of Canterbury
Fred Haste - Bishop Of Oxford
Desmond Callan - Bishop Of York
Charles Fleet - Bishop Of London
Harold Barley - First Baron
Kenneth Bain - Second Baron
Tony Doyle - Third Baron
Raymond Clark - Fourth Baron
Frank Loxley - Saxon Father
Margaret Fargie - Saxon Mother
Bruce Walkenhorst - Saxon Boy
Rosemary Leeds - Saxon Girl
Cheryl McKeegan - Gwendolen
Catherine Johnson - French Girl
Ian Boyle - Little Monk
Ian McConnell - Provost Marshal
Terence Bourke - French Priest
David Harrison - French Choirboy
Roger Digges - Becket’s Servant
Robert Daniels - Becket’s Servant
Marylis Wright - Queen Mother
Rhona Daniels - Young Queen
Raymond Prytula - Prince Henry
Robert Emmett - Prince
Gordon Gutterson - Monk
Laurie Miller - Henry’s Servant
Keith Smith - King Louis Of France
John France - French Baron
Eric Bishop - Duke Of Arundel
Bram Schrever - The Pope
Adrian Van Dyke - Cardinal

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