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Director: Dulcie Meakin

John Hurlston - Duncan
Derek Esler - Malcolm
Sydney Smith - Caithness, Apparition
Bill Meakin - Fleance
Jean Trethowan - Fleance
Bill Dowrick - Siward
Dobbie Howard - Young Siward
Charles Fleet - Seyton
Graham Esler - Boy
Ian McRobert - A Scotch Doctor
Ron McGuiness - Soldier, An Old Man
Frank Agg - Soldier
M. Atkins - Soldier
James Bateman - Soldier
Judith Hilliard - Soldier, Lady In Waiting, Apparition
P. Powell - Soldier
B. Agg - Soldier, Apparition
Sydney Rosenbaum - An Old Man
Margaret Palmer - Lady MacDuff
Ray Leonard - Third Witch
Erica Wallace - Page
D. Bodey - Page
Judith Bateman - Lady In Waiting
Patricia Powell - Lady In Waiting, Apparition
T. Rosenbaum - Apparition
Ross Crilley - Apparition
Daryl Crilley - Apparition
Robert Wheeler - Apparition
Geoff Dabb - Apparition


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