Auditions ​

At Geelong Rep we hold open auditions and non-members are welcome to audition. You will find the dates of the Information Night and Auditions for each play on this page.  For those who are not able to attend Information Night and book an audition at that time, please contact the Director or Production Coordinator (whose names and contact details will be published here) for information on how to proceed. Auditions are usually held within a week or 10 days after the Information Night at which the Director describes his or her vision for the play, the roles to be filled, expectations of the cast, season dates and the rehearsal schedule. At this time you book an audition.                                                   






AUDITIONS  SUNDAY June 6 from 5:00 PM at the Woodbin Theatre


Character breakdowns


GERRY 50+  Aussie accent

An abusive alcoholic. Born in England, then sent to Australia as an infant. Has only ever known neglect and abuse. Cares little about his appearance. Never fitted in and will lash out with the least provocation. An itinerant worker.


SALLY 25-35    Aussie accent

Gerry’s estranged daughter. She has virtually given up on Gerry and his alcohol fueled behaviour. She has made contact with the child migrant trust in a ‘last ditch’ effort to find some answers in the hope that it may give Gerry some comfort. She doubts they will ever reconcile.


MARK 30-50    Aussie accent

Highly intelligent. Regards the migrant trust as a vocation not just a job. Not at all flustered by Gerry’s combative behaviour. Finally believes he has found a relative of Gerry’s, alive and living in England.


MARY 60+    Working class English accent

She is Gerry’s birth mother. As a young unwed pregnant girl, she moves to Liverpool to give birth and find work after being disowned by her family. Gerry (her baby), is taken from her as an infant without her permission. Unbeknown to her, he has been sent to live in Australia. She has never heard a word about him since. She leads a sad and lonely life